NB961101-G Nissen Jinbei Suit (Kimono)

Code: NB961101-G
Size: 90cm (2Y)
Price: RM55

NB961101-B Nissen Jinbei Suit (Sold)

Code: NB961101-B
Size: 80cm (18M)
Price: RM55

NC963802-C Nissen T-Shirt (for Boys)

Code: NC963802-C
Size: 100cm (4Y)
Color: Red(Sold), Yellow, Green(Sold)
Price: RM16.10 / $6.90

NA965102 NISSEN 日单 Low-Rise Pants

Code: NA965102
Price: RM35 / $15
Color: Pink, Blue
Size: 80cm

MFW-002 Baby Girl's Pants

Code: MFW-002
Color: Black, Brown
Size: 6-12M
Price: RM28 / $12
NOW: RM23 / $9.90

MFW-001 Nissen 日单 Pants (Sold)

Code: MFW-001
Color: Dark Brown
Size: 12-18M
Price: RM27 / $11.50
NOW: RM23 / $9.90

138235 Genuine Leather School Bus & Traffic Light Sandals

Code: 138235
Size: 30 (19cm)
Color: Beige
Price: RM91 / $39

148415 White Leggings (Sold)

Code: 148415
Size: 3 (Waist: 18cm, Hip: 32cm, Length: 32cm)
Color: White
Price: RM19 / $8

97255 Scarf

Code: 97255
Size: 53.5 x 49.5cm
Color: White & Pink Stars
Price: RM16 / $6.90

NB962102 Nissen 日单 T-Shirt for Girls (Sold)

Code: NB962102
Size: 80cm (18M)
Color: Pink, Light Pink (Sold), Blue (Sold)
Price: RM25 / $10.80

Gap / Old Navy Spree - Closing on 5 July 09


Exchange Rate: 3.55
Tax: 8%

Overseas Shipping Cost (per piece):
1. Tee/Shorts: RM8
2. Jeans/Shoes/Heavier Item: RM11
3. Socks/Hat/Accessories: RM2

RM = (USD * 1.08 * 3.55) + RM8

Local Delivery Methods:
Registered mail (500g): RM3.50
Pos Laju (500g): RM6.50(WM), RM8.50(EM)
Courier (500g):RM8.50(WM), RM10.50(EM)

NO Payment = NO Order
I have encounted book and run buyers, so strictly no payment, no order...

Contact Me:

LV12 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV12
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 22.5cm, length 44.5cm)

LV11 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV11
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 20.5cm, length 44.5cm) - 2 pcs

LV10 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV10
Price: RM40 / $17

Size S (chest 27.5cm, length 52.5cm) - 1 pcs
Size M (chest 32.5cm, length 58.5cm) - 1 pc

LV09 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV09
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 26.5cm, length 52.5cm)

LV08 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV08
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 21.5cm, length 45.5cm) - 1 pcs (sold)
Size S (chest 24.5cm, length 52.5cm) - 1 pcs

LV07 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV07
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 27.5cm, length 49.5cm) - 1 pc
Size S (chest 30.5cm, length 52.5cm) - 1 pc (sold)
Size M (chest 30.5cm, length 59.5cm) - 1 pc

LV06 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV06
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS: chest 25.5cm, length 49.5cm (Reserved)

LV05 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV05
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 23.5cm, length 47.5cm)

LV04 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV04
Price: RM40 / $17

Size SS (chest 27.5cm, length 49.5cm) - 1 pc
Size S (chest 30.5cm, length 53.5cm) - 1 pc
Size M (chest 34.5cm, length 58.5cm) - 1 pc

LV03 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV03
Price: RM40 / $17

Size S (chest 25.5cm, length 51.5cm) - 1 pc

LV02 Victoria Style Dress (Sold)

Code: LV02
Price: RM40 / $17

SS: chest 24.5cm, length 48.5cm x 1 pc
S: chest 27.5cm, length 52.5cm x 1 pc
M: chest 31.5cm, length 57.5cm x 2 pcs